10 People Whose Creativity Bowled Us Over


Every day, you walk past signs that are blank to the naked eye. To a person with an active imagination though, these unremarkable objects can be just as fascinating. Bright Side collected some pictures proving that seeing unusual things in ordinary objects is not only a big talent but also offers plenty of opportunities for creativity and fresh perspectives on life!

I had to clean up my coworker’s mess, but I was able to turn it into a kitty cat.

The two fluffy animals from our story, the dog and cat, are flying on a sky turtle.

This chick, a beautiful lady has long and lean limbs.

I found these startled lizards in my basement at work. They were very scared and could not stop running around the room!

“My drink was so shocked that I spilled it, she didn’t even care.”

Have you ever been scared of your own sock?

“A sweet little parrot that can’t say a word”

“It’s like our cats were cross-stitched onto the carrier!”

“The hungry fox was looking forward to eating this piece of meat, but it’s a stone.”

Pregnant mermaids have been gracing mainstream media over recent years, and more artists are taking up the task. The photographer’s photos show off a pregnant woman as they swim in water with other creatures of the sea, their baby bump showing prominently on top of an ocean-blue tail.

What could be better than being surrounded by dolphins while swimming through golden seaweed? What about making your maternity experience even brighter! One artist has taken it upon themselves to do just that: create beautiful underwater photographs for expectant mothers who want something different–something bright and colorful when everything else is dark brown or gray from morning sickness during pregnancy (or any time). And if you’re scared of getting wet, don’t worry; these pictures were

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