A Cat Gives Birth, But Then The Vet Realise That Their Kittens Are Not Kittens, Call Cops


Cats are fantastic creatures that, at all times, are made of surprises. Musya, for one, shocked not only her trainer but also an entire team of veterinarians. She surprised them all when she was found breastfeeding her babies. The cat was the beloved resident cat of the Sadgorod Zoo. She was about a year old, and she was still an unusual cat. However, she fell pregnant all of a sudden. Everyone in the region needed to ensure she felt healthy before giving birth!

The Search For Musya

Even though she waddled around the zoo, she was never alone. The workers could not help but feel nervous when they learned that Musya was missing. Among the animals that could be seen at the zoo were geese, ducks, and raccoons. Besides those, there were also lions, monkeys, bears, tigers, and others… The cat could be put at risk by bigger animals! This was the reason why a hunt was launched for the missing feline.

One Of The Residents

Musya was a bit different from the other animals in the zoo. She became their resident by mistake! A zookeeper named Alice noticed her while on the job. She saw a black object moving in the snow on a cold day in the winter. It was obvious that it wasn’t just a dirt mound here. The little black kitty was almost frozen! There were hedgehogs in her nose, and she hardly moved. At the zoo, she was taken to the vets by Alice.

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