A man takes a photo of his pregnant wife and sees an incredible detail when he gets home


Angeline was pregnant, the last week she decided to take some fresh air on the beach, with her husband Bill. It would probably be the last time she had her pregnant belly so Bill wanted to document it.

They had no idea what was hiding behind the camera lens. When they then returned home and looked at the picture again, they discovered a very rare detail. They were very surprised by what they saw. This caused the image to spread rapidly around the world…

The first child

Angelina and Bill were overjoyed to learn that they were having children. Since it was their first child, everything was new to them. They wanted to document every moment of the wonderful event to remember it forever.

Every now and then they had no idea that the photo would spread to millions of people. Their intention with the picture was to create memories and be able to show it to their child in the future. But everything changed when they saw what they saw ..

Picture of the beach

The couple had just moved to Jacksonville, Florida, and wanted to take the perfect picture of her big belly. They decided that the beach was the best place. At first they thought of hiring a professional photographer.

Later it turned out that it was not necessary at all because the image would spread around the world, thanks to a small detail. Pros or not, Bill managed to capture the moment at just the right time …

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