Dad Of The Year Award Goes To This Father After Being Caught On Hidden Camera


Why Would He Do This?

Stella is frozen in her tracks. Watching her husband and two children’s secret footage, her mouth becomes wide open. She can feel her heartbeat in her throat as she watches the unimaginable man she married. This must have been a joke, though. Her husband was her childhood sweetheart; she was his soulmate. She could never imagine he would ever do such a thing. She knew that there was no return.

The Perfect Life

Her family was everything to Stella Jackson. 10 years ago, she married her childhood sweetheart, Josh, and then their two beloved children came along. Emma was 5 years old, and Ben was 18 months old. Yes, in her “perfect life,” Stella thought nothing could go wrong. But when she secretly recorded her husband and children using a nanny cam, she uncovered something really unbelievable.

Pregnant At Last

It wasn’t always easy for Stella and Josh to be a parent. They’d been trying to get pregnant for five years, and it seemed like having a family wasn’t on the cards for them. Eventually, however, their hard work seemed to pay off. They welcomed their daughter Emma and son Ben in 2015 and 2019. Their family finally felt complete, but they had no idea what would come to them.

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