Firefighters were making a shocking discovery in a woman’s home. They set the whole building on fire


The neighbor helped the senior clean her house, he was surprised by what he found. Unfortunately, it was burned… “This is not happening”, he thought as he looked at her house that was on fire. He just wanted to do a good deed, but he never expected it. All he wanted to do was help his elderly neighbor by cleaning up her house.

However, he could never have expected to see such a horrible sight once he entered. He had no choice but to call the fire department, and they have no choice but to let the whole house burn down. It must have been possible to save it, but they knew little how untrue it really was.

In front of her face

Kevin Burns had just moved to Redding, California. But as soon as he moved in he noticed something. When he had come home every night, he saw his neighbor sleeping and eating inside her car. He looked at her house to see if it was still intact and he wondered, “What the hell is stopping her from going in?”

It took him a couple of days to build up the courage to ask the woman why she lived in her car when she apparently had a home in front of her. However, he had no idea what she was going to tell him and that it would lead to a dangerous spiral.

Ruth Ratliff

Ruth Ratliff was a 68-year-old woman and she really lived in her car. But Kevin could not understand why. It was not a day when the temperature dropped. Autumn was just around the corner, and he could not take it anymore. He had to know. “It did not just tear my heart. It was depressing, “Justin told a news station after their conversation.

“A 68-year-old woman sitting here in sub-zero temperatures is not okay.” He decided to help her after one day Kevin had a thought: “What if this was my mom or grandma?” So one evening he approached her and started talking.

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