Firefighters were making a shocking discovery in a woman’s home. They set the whole building on fire

The Mystery

Kevin and Ruth quickly began to get to know each other, and he learned more and more about her situation. Ruth had no electricity or running water in her home. But Kevin knew that this could not be the whole truth because only these two obstacles could be overcome. He did not want to ask the older lady any more questions, so he visited her several days a week and tried to get the truth out that way.

As it turned out, Ruth did not exactly choose to live outside her home. In fact, she could not even live indoors the current condition. What was the real reason why Ruth refused to step into her own home? What was she hiding?

Unanswered questions

Kevin continued to ask questions and could not help but crack the case. She showed him her accommodation in the car. Ruth had a neat layout and renovated interior, which became increasingly creative. Her bed was the car seat that she folded back. It was still unclear what really made her not want to live in the house, but it was so bad that she avoided it altogether.

She refused to go in, even when Kevin asked if he could take a tour, she seemed afraid he would find out the real reason why she did not live there. Although he understood that it must have been bad, he did not want to let this woman freeze, so he kept trying.

A Homeless Homeowner

Even though she lived in her car, the car was actually broken. So she was not only a homeless homeowner but also, if she wanted to go somewhere she could not drive there. Kevin’s heart sank every time he heard her talk about what her life was like.

He knew immediately that he had to do what he could to help Ruth. But one day, Ruth revealed something to Kevin; a grief so great that it struck made his breasts feel heavy. This woman has experienced so many difficulties, more than he first thought.

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