He cut off his dreads after 9 years and they discovered something in the hair


Jordan Reynolds has had dreadlocks since he was little. He actually kept his hairstyle for nine years. But one day, the teenager made a significant decision that would change his appearance forever.

He wanted to cut his dreads and get a new hairstyle. His father agreed to help with the project, but when Jordan’s mother came home she cried when she saw what her son’s hair had been hiding all these years.

A Popular Transformation On The Internet 

Jordan wondered for a long time whether he would undergo the transformation or not, but in the end he decided to wait for the perfect moment to do so. The whole process was also captured on Youtube by Maxbeatbox who filmed the whole process. Just so you know: Maxbeatbox also happens to be Jordan’s dad.

Maxbeatbox posted the clip on their Youtube channel in February 2016. Halfway through the clip, you can see Jordan’s mother, Melanie, come home and witness her child’s new hairstyle. Her reaction was a highlight for everyone in the house, and now everyone online can have a good laugh too.

The Award Winning Reaction

It’s unclear if Melanie knew Jordan wanted to cut her hair. However, nothing could have prepared her for what she saw when she stepped through the door. The way she opened the door and ruled gives us an interpretation that she had no idea, which makes the reaction even better.’

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