Hungarians grab their partners in the nation’s wife-carrying contest


The men of TAPIOBICSKE, Hungary are some tough guys. On Saturday they had the opportunity to prove themselves once again by carrying their wives over rough terrain in this year’s Hungarian Wife-Carrying Contest!

The 40 husbands who participated and managed to complete the course will be awarded prizes for being so manly (and patient).

Gergely Guraly, a Hungarian race organizer and the event’s founder say he wants to go out into nature with others. “We have just emerged from a difficult period due to the coronavirus,” said Gergely. The low turnout of couples at his last October race leads him back in January for preparations that would launch this year’s Viking Challenge Race on May 31st-June 1st.

Gergely believes it has origins dating back as far as when Vikings were roaming around conquering other regions because they too wanted some time outside without worries of getting sick.”

The Estonian tradition of wife-carrying has taken on a more modern meaning in Finland, where it is practiced since the 1990s. The Finnish version uses an upside-down position with the woman’s feet over her husband’s shoulders rather than being carried piggyback style as seen in Estonia and other countries throughout Europe. Mark Mazacs said he devised his strategy for carrying Anett by using this method to carry her after feeling that she was too heavy to do so any longer while still keeping up with their children during races.

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