Little Boy Walks Into Fire Station With A Note – While Reading The Fireman Starts Crying


Most people can think of a time they felt truly inspired. This is especially the case for a fire captain who was shocked to comprehend the impact a little boy would have on his entire life at a time when he needed it most. A young boy visited a fire station that would ultimately change many firefighters’ lives forever. The fire captain and his men were brought to tears when the child handed him a note with a request on it. It’s something nobody expected. Continue reading to find out what happened between the firemen and the young boy.

Meet Jim Grimzer

Jim Grimzer had been born and raised in New York City for his entire life. He was the captain of the Fire Department of New York, which was no surprise as he came from a family of firefighters. He loved serving his local community.

The Dangers of the Job

While on the job, Jim had suffered a tragedy that left him confused about what he was supposed to do with the rest of his life. Nonetheless, he understood the dangers of his job but this situation hit home for him.

Losing a Good Man

Jim had lost a good man that was on his team. The team member was a young man who had recently joined the department. The captain had only met the new firefighter on a few occasions, but he still felt responsible for his men.

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