A man reads wedding vows at his girlfriend’s funeral


According to the Mirror, Kate Wignall passed away at the age of 25 after a battle with cancer. Ryan Dixon (25) met the young woman ten years ago when her family moved into town in England. In 2011 they began their love relationship and on May 30, 2020, he proposed to her – only for it all to come crashing down two weeks before she was set to marry him. The next day Wignall felt severe pains in his chest which led doctors to find that she had skin cancer six weeks after being diagnosed as having terminal illness despite undergoing chemotherapy treatments since 2015. As part of honoring Kenzie’s memory, everyone involved read out vows during this last service including one from “Liam” who said: “Kate you

At first, the young woman seemed to respond well to chemotherapy, but after last Christmas, her condition worsened. On March 7 of this year, they detected a serious hemorrhage in the brain caused by a tumor which left them only days or hours before she passed away. “They told us that she might only have a couple of moments and we moved up our wedding date from June 9th until May 8th because it was all about living life for today,” said Ryan who became a full-time caregiver for his partner as soon as he returned home following chemo treatments on December 27th. “We had talked about getting married before but hadn’t really done anything so when I came back into town everything happened quickly.”

Kate’s last memories were planning her and Wignall’s wedding. A few weeks before the big day, she passed away unexpectedly, leaving Dixon to wonder what would have been in store if they had made it down the aisle as planned on that fateful October day
“The man read out our vows at my sister Kate’s funeral,” he said choking back tears through his words. “He did a really good job.”

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