Oh, so this is what those balls on high voltage cables mean


Did you already know what the purpose of these balls is?

They are almost impossible to miss if you look up: brightly colored balls on the power lines. They look like Christmas balls! They all hang evenly apart and provide a bit of color to something gray like the high-voltage cables. But they aren’t there just for show – the balls have a purpose! We explain it to you.

When these balls first appeared on the power grid is not entirely clear. The practice probably started in the US. There are two states that seem to have come up with the idea: Arkansas and Florida. They say this custom started in the 1950s. But nowadays you see them everywhere!

Want to know why? Then continue reading quickly.

Bigger than you think!

If you drive along a couple of power lines, or if you just look at them from the ground, these balls don’t look very big. You might think they’re about the size of a basketball. But nothing is farther from the truth! These balls are a lot bigger than you think. The reason we think they are so small is because there is quite a bit of distance between the ground and the cable. The larger variants have a diameter of about 91 centimeters.

Good system

It’s not an easy task installing the balls. Various organizations are involved, and it is necessary to coordinate exactly which balls will be placed where. And there are plenty of professionals involved. Some of them work on the ground, but some work at a great height to assemble the balls onto the electricity grid.

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