One can only imagine the pressure that Brendan Fraser felt when watching his career take off at a rapid rate.


Brendan Fraser seemed as though he was going to be a permanent fixture in Hollywood for decades. He starred in films throughout the 1990s, and everybody knew his name because of how prolific he had been–until 2003 when they noticed him appearing less frequently on screens across America. During that time it took people years before figuring out just what happened: Brendan disappeared from public view until 2017 where there were reports of an appearance back at work filming once more with former co-star Harrison Ford; now visibly aged but still holding onto some semblance of the cheerful figure we all know and love so much.

Brendan Fraser, best known for his action films Airheads and George of the Jungle started out as a major film success. But then he disappeared from Hollywood only to return with considerably less luck. His eyes have lost their sparkle, replaced by more tired and drawn features after being exposed in an affair scandal earlier this year (2018). He has also gained significant weight since retiring from acting four years ago which is not helping him stay relevant in today’s media environment where stars are expected to appear fit at all times

Then there was his 2016 interview.

In his first interview in years, which he did with AOL BUILD to promote his new show The Affair, Ian Fraser looked extremely sad and uncomfortable. It was obvious that the actor had a lot on his mind as he talked about how important it is for him to be an advocate of mental health awareness-especially since so many people struggle with these issues but don’t know where or who they can turn to during their darkest moments.

What on earth happened to this guy?

What do you think might have happened to this guy who suddenly disappeared one day without a trace?

The early 21st century was a difficult time for Fraser in his personal and professional life.

I recently read about the difficulties that George W. Bush had to face during this period of American history–the wars he waged, economic recession, growing income inequality–and I’m not surprised at all after reading what happened to Stephen J. Fraser as well!

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