Soldier Tries To Surprise Wife, Now Regrets It


Anchors Away

U.S. Navy sailor Chris Daugherty was due to deploy in January. It wouldn’t be his first tour abroad. Nor would it be the first time he’d have to spend a prolonged period away from his family. Daugherty was initially expecting to be at sea for five months.

owever, sometime after setting sail, the Navy man would learn that his deployment would actually end up lasting longer than he’d first thought, but that wasn’t the only unexpected twist heading his way. Little did Chris know at the time, but he’d eventually come home to the shock of his life.

A Hard Goodbye

Working overseas for so many months would affect anyone’s relationship with their family, especially with their wife and kids, and Christ was completely aware of this as he’d witnessed a lot of families falling apart because of it.

Christ was heading to the waters off of the Korean Peninsula where he would work as a Navy cryptologic technician. Daugherty would spend his days deciphering codes and signals, but he’d have no clue as to something that was happening back home.

Long Months Ahead

As is the case with many military spouses and army wives, it didn’t take long for Natasha Daugherty to feel the pangs of loneliness that are unique to missing your partner. It was only about a week after Chris had shipped out, though, when Natasha started subtly changing her ways.

The changes were small at first, but with each passing week, it became harder and harder to conceal the truth. As time passed, however, there was one person in particular back home to whom Natasha was EXTRA careful not to reveal her whole story.

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