Someone Should Have Really Checked the Background before Taking These Photos

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Whether it’s a selfie, a group pic of friends, or a beautiful moment captured by a professional, pictures have become a significant part of our social life and daily routine. But when someone crashes your precious picture in the background, it really puts the idea of visual storytelling in perspective since it can create an entirely different story than expected.

It’s hard to tell if hilarious photobombs happen due to perfect timing or intention, but the key to it all is all about the right place and the right time. Because let’s face it, photobombin’ can happen anywhere, anytime, by anyone, to anyone.

The Butterfly Effect Theory on the Golf Course

At first it might look like this golfer is just innocently trying to position himself properly before trying to get the gold bar in the whole to beat the par. But once you look in the background, it’s almost as if this photo is the aftermath of this golfer’s stroke. One might think that perhaps he actually hit the golf cart so precisely that he was able to tip it over and cause it to crash down on the course – oops!

Then again, maybe it was just a bit of the Butterfly Effect Theory. One wing flap here, an innocent practice stroke there, and wham! The entire golf cart flips over for absolutely no logical reasoning.

Defying the Laws of Surfing

We’re not really sure what’s happening in this photo – it seems like the photographer captured something that defies the laws of surfing.

We know that it can be hard to balance yourself and stand on top of the board when you’re first learning how to surf. But the ocean is looking pretty clear, with no waves in site. So how exactly this surfer ended up tripping on flipping on his board is beyond us! But it does make for a funny addition to this family picture. Right?

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