Someone Should Have Really Checked the Background before Taking These Photos

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A Comical Composition

As a photographer, it is your job to make sure that every part of the photo’s composition is perfect before you click to take the pic. And while it can get quite emotionally distracting from all of the joy and excitement when you’re taking maternity photos, it’s still crucial to stay focused and make sure to capture a beautiful shot of the soon-to-be mom.

But this whole situation right here is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity shot, so we can’t really blame the photographer for not being able to resist capturing such a hysterical moment!

Perfectly Placed Plank

We just talked about how important it is to make sure that the composition is absolutely perfect when you’re taking a picture as a professional photographer – especially when it’s a beautiful and special moment like wedding or maternity photos.

But when you capture a hilarious moment and are able to execute proper composition at the same time, then it’s a solid A in our books!

We’re loving how one of the wedding guests is perfectly planking directly centered and above the precious pair of newlyweds. We just hope the sweet couple laughed as hard as we did when they got their copies of the pics!

When Mr. Monopoly Makes an Appearance

It seems like this man is in an intense business committee meeting. But if he thought he was under a lot of pressure giving his speech, then he needs to think again. It’s one thing to impress a bunch of board members and financial investors, but it’s a-whole-nother level when you have an iconic business legend in the crowd watching your every move from behind.

There’s no need for any “Where’s Waldo?” skills here. Mr. Monopoly is wide open in the background – and it looks like he’s on a mission to take over!

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