Teen Offers To Carry Man’s Groceries For Food, Had No Idea Who He Was Approaching


Matt White was like any other man. He did his grocery shopping just like everyone else. However, one night when he was getting his weekly essentials, he was met by a boy that would change his life forever. This may seem hard to believe that an average night of purchasing your groceries could do that for you. However, what happened to both parties involved caused their lives to change forever. A simple offer that a boy made to Matt as he was walking out of his local grocery store would change everything, but how? This is Matt’s incredible story.

Meet Matt

Matt was 30 years old when he encountered the young man outside of his local grocery store in Memphis, Tennessee. He was a college graduate and earned a degree in music business. His go-to grocery store was a chain grocery store Kroger.

The Encounter

As Matt finished paying for his grocery and exited the Kroger, he noticed a teenage boy walking towards him. The boy was on his own and looked noticeably sad and ashamed. Matt thought that the boy might be looking for directions.

The Boy

However, all of Matt’s theories of what this boy might have wanted was thrown out the window when the boy eventually opened his mouth to speak. That’s when the magic really started, and it put everything in action for both men’s lives to change.

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