The man Jeffrey Epstein’s who was convicted of sex trafficking and is now in jail has been visited by a woman 90 times.


A man with close ties to some of the most powerful people in America, Jeffrey Epstein had a friend who appeared more than just an acquaintance. The closer we look at this person’s connections and actions, the less it seems they were simply friends.

Epstein was a financial wizard, but he wasn’t always so lucky. He managed to rise from the bottom and create his own empire before being caught in 2005 for charges of sex trafficking children out of an elite investment bank that almost crushed him financially.

With an international arrest warrant out for Jeffrey Epstein, it seemed as if justice was finally catching up to him. The billionaire had been convicted in 2008 of running a child prostitution ring and served only 13 months before being released. But the victims were never given any sense that they would ever find some semblance of closure–at least not until 2019 when all hell broke loose with news breaking about his suicide while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges involving dozens of more people including many powerful names from around the world just days after he appeared at court pleading “not guilty” again despite claims by prosecutors that there is probably no way he could have received fair treatment due to how widely connected he has always been known as being over decades spanning multiple continents across America, Europe,

Jeffrey Epstein was an American hedge fund manager and convicted sex offender. Many people believe he committed suicide because of the shameful nature of his crimes, but some think that it is more likely for someone with as much power to manipulate situations such as this one than a regular person without any connections.

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His Victim And His Biggest Fan

The man who was one of the richest and powerful people in America is now dead. When he died yesterday morning from an apparent suicide by hanging himself with a bedsheet at MCC Manhattan Correctional Center in New York City, it ended his life that had been marked by a scandal over the years.
“A model and pilot for Epstein’s private jet Nadia Marcinkova,” according to TMZ “is said to be on record claiming she visited him 90 times while he was held at Florida state prison.” A victim herself of sex trafficking when her family sold her as a 15-year old girl being trafficked out of Yugoslavia during civil unrest preceding dissolution into multiple countries after breakup up the former the Soviet Union which took place between 1991 through 1992.

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