The mother asks for a family photo. The couple divorced not long after she saw the picture

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As predicted, Susan and John made it official after college. They had a good life together: great careers, a beautiful home and two delightful children. Little did Susan know that all this was not enough for John.

She Needed Photos

Susan was overjoyed and incredibly happy with how her life went. She lived a life where everything went well for her, and she was always happy. These moments must be preserved forever. She wanted that year to be something she could look back on at any time.

So Susan decided to take pictures with the family. She contacted a photographer, who was their family friend. He immediately answered her questions and said they could take the pictures the next day.

Photo day

They took the photographs on a sunny and wonderful autumn day. The leaves were a mixture of beautiful colors, the weather was just right warm and windless, so everything was perfect for taking pictures. However, John seemed annoyed throughout the photo session, as if he was nervous.

Susan noticed John’s strange behavior, but she did not think much about it. She knew John was having trouble with cameras. When the photographer came, she noticed that John was pale.

John And The Photographs

When the photographer arrived, he greeted the whole family warmly. He was a family friend who visited Susan and John several times and everyone loved having him nearby. They had no problem warming up to his camera.

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