This bride fainted during the ceremony when her husband showed a picture


This story follows Maggie and Caleb, a charming love couple who had been planning their wedding for months to make sure everything was perfect. But nothing could prepare them for the surprise that would make Maggie faint at the altar.

No bride wants to make a mistake at her own wedding, Maggie not only stumbled, she fainted! Why? For her groom whispered something in her ear. We do not want to reveal right now what he said. Not only would it ruin the whole story, but it would not make sense. Keep reading to see something that has never been heard of before.

They Lived On The Highway

The couple have been friends since high school in Asheville, North Carolina and had several mutual friends. They had experienced all aspects of high school life together. Maggie used to think about what it would be like to date Caleb, but she had never imagined it would happen.

After high school, the couple saw each other differently. Life had changed their priorities and they both wanted more. Something had changed, but they could not pinpoint what or when exactly it happened. They decided to try a relationship together and they immediately realized that it was worth all the time they spent waiting for each other.

The Feelings For Everybody Grew Up

In 2013, the couple followed their inner feelings and began dating officially. Their families were very happy for them because they had seen it coming for a while. The relationship grew and they were happy together. Everyone was happy for their sake and it did not take long before their relationship took another big step.

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