This bride fainted during the ceremony when her husband showed a picture


There was no doubt for Caleb that he not only loved Maggie, but he also wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He decided it was time to reveal exactly how strong his feelings were for her. He went to the jewelry store and chose a ring that he thought was perfect for Maggie. Even though they were both very young, Caleb did not doubt for a second that he wanted to spend his life with her. The question was whether Maggie felt the same way?

Young And Dear

With the ring in her hand and her parents’ permission, it was time to ask the question. After a long anxious wait, the right day finally came for him to do so. With his heart in his throat, he waited for her answer. As you probably already know, she said yes.

Even though they would only be 22 when they got married, the couple were in love and they felt that they did not need anything other than each other. Caleb had finally won the heart of the woman he loved and he would do anything to make sure he kept it. He knew he was incredibly lucky to have Maggie in his life and Caleb wanted to make the rest of her life as wonderful as he could.

Mature For Their Age

Maggie and Caleb were mature for their age. One of the reasons for this is that Maggie had to keep their home Caleb was away. This often happened because Caleb had been a soldier.

As honoring as it is, it was also a very demanding job. Maggie sometimes did not know exactly where her partner was. Of course, this was difficult for Maggie. Caleb reached his goal of becoming a soldier at the age of 19, three years before their marriage.

Love was Always Strongest

Their common religious views and beliefs played a major role in strengthening their relationship. At times when they were separated for a long period of time without contact, they were both sure of following the plan that God had for them.

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