Three desperate souls who were refugees from the turmoil of Afghanistan tried desperately to escape.


A video showing 3 stowaways reportedly falling to their deaths while trying to cling onto planes in Afghanistan have shocked the world.

The clip, which was posted on social media Monday, shows an American aircraft taking off while a group of Afghans stand back and watch. But if you look closely at the right wing’s edge just ahead of takeoff, three men can be seen clinging for dear life before they are flung from its surface by powerful gusts as soon as it takes flight.

The footage is incredibly moving, especially when you hear the people speak of their desire to be free from Taliban oppression. Soldiers have been stationed in Afghanistan for years now and it’s time we helped these citizens achieve the freedom they deserve.

As the war in Afghanistan still rages on, 8 more people were killed at Hamad Karzai airport as they tried to board planes filled with US troops. The civilians hoped that if they could also leave it would be possible for them too but when these troops fired shots “in the air” hundreds of other civilians ran onto the tarmac where 5 of those who died or injured may have been shot and are unsure about whether any others had a stampede death.

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