Woman Stunned Once She Sees What’s Inside Necklace Boyfriend Gave Her 2 Years Before

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Men don’t have the reputation of buying the most thoughtful presents for their significant others. However, sometimes men can surprise you and really go the extra mile in hopes of finding the perfect gift. Others may use their creativity and imagination to make the most romantic gift for their wife or girlfriend. With that being said, nobody should have guessed the surprise this girlfriend was going to get when Terry combined something that he made with something that he bought. Yet, that still wasn’t enough, which led to him forming an ingenious plan that left his girlfriend, Anna, screaming. Keep reading to find out what happened.

Meet Terry and Anna

Terry and Anna are a lovely couple living in Australia. They first begin dating after being friends for almost four years and have been together for a little over a year. They are very happy together and are ready to take the next step together.

One Year Together

For the couple’s one-year anniversary, Terry wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a special present. He decided that he was going to make something, even though he isn’t very handy. Nonetheless, he got to work trying to bring his brilliant idea to life.

The Gift

Terry’s gift idea was to make a necklace for Anna. It took him a lot of time and effort, but he eventually got it right and main the main part of the necklace by himself. He then purchased a chain and put the two together to form a necklace.

The Finer Details

Terry made the main piece of the necklace out of Tasmanian wood, which is a high-quality ornamental timber that’s used for making furniture and cabinets, as well as other small objects. It’s the perfect material for a necklace that’s going to last years.

That’s Not All

That wasn’t all. Terry had hidden something within the necklace. This took a lot of time to design to make sure it was concealed properly. It took a lot of glue, but Terry eventually got it the way that he wanted.

The Anniversary Dinner

Terry decided to take Anna out to a lovely dinner for their anniversary. This was where he planned to reveal his big surprise. Terry was a little nervous because Anna was usually very picky about the jewelry she wore, but that didn’t stop him.

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